About Us

Performance Vitality is an online magazine whose mission is to educate health professionals as well as population in general about various fitness, health and longevity topics.

Every article published in Performance Vitality is written by Industry Professionals and carefully reviewed by the magazine’s Editors to ensure that they provide valuable, reliable, complete and up to date information on the topic.

Performance Vitality further regularly invites Authors of famous books and studies to discuss their work and findings, as well as to provide a highlight of their publications.

If you are a Health Professional and wish to collaborate with the team of authors by publishing the result of your research and experience, you can communicate with the Chief Editor.

Chief Editor, Performance Vitality
Pierre Vinet, BSc. & Master Studies

Pierre Vinet is both a sport and a business professional. Graduate in Biochemistry at Quebec University (UQAM), Pierre pursued with advanced nutrition as well as Master Degree studies in Human Biomechanics at Montreal University (UdeM). Pierre Vinet has also been a Bodybuilding National Vice-Champion, as well as an International competitor in Olympic Taekwondo, leading him to becoming a world class coach and Health Authority.