Will is all it Takes – by Fabien Bellanger, Strongman

585 lbs x 3 reps deadlift
WARMEDS Warrior Fabien Bellanger, one of the pound for pound World's strongest Powerlifters
585 lbs x 3 reps deadlift
With a 585 lbs x 3 reps and 700 lbs x 1 rep Deadlift, Fabien Bellanger, a WARMEDS Warrior, is one of the pound for pound World’s strongest Powerlifters

Fabien Bellanger, a World Class Strongman

Hello World! My name is Fabien Bellanger, and I am a Lifetime Natural Elite Powerlifter. I am very happy and grateful to be part of the WARMEDS team! I have been training for 10 years now and have achieved a number of records, of which I am proud of and for which I have worked very hard.

The discipline of strong man has always fascinated me but I wanted to bring something different by trying to be the strongest possible while maintaining a model-like physique (instead of a bulky one) – which I did, by performing lifts such as a 700 lbs deadlift at a bodyweight of only 204 lbs. Notably, being drug-free, achieving these results weren’t a easy or free ride – it took me 8 years of of dedication an hard work to do so… but I proved that even with an average muscle mass genetic, one can succeed without using drugs if he or she puts in the work!

Hugo Girard and Fabien Bellanger
Fabien Bellanger in competition, performing high repetitions on the deadlift movement, under the supervision of Hugo Girard, former World’s Strongest Man.

My Love for Bodybuilding and Fitness

Wanting to not only be strong, but also display an elegant physique, I trained for and participated in five Bodybuilding and Fitness events, in the Men’s Physics division. Although I did not win those competitions, I enjoyed and greatly learned from the experience, as well as developed a true passion for Bodybuilding – getting inspired by the world’s best, namely Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, to name only a few.

Ronnie Coleman with Fabien Bellanger
Shaking the hand to one of my sports’ idol, the iconic Ronnie Coleman, who is in my opinion, the best bodybuilders of all time.

My journey in the sport was pleasant and also well guided since I was surrounded by several champions, all training at the Fit For Life gym – home of Champions! I trained with the Bests, including James Kenny, Joel Charles, Pierre Vinet, Marco Viviani, Michael Tello IFBB Pro, Lemar Martin IFBB Elite Pro, and many others!

My Journey in the world of Combined Strength and Agility

Because I always strive to be complete and also because it was important for me to remain agile despite my great strength, I decided to practice Calisthenics, a discipline consisting of performing acrobatic movements combining balance, strength and self-control, and using the body weight as source of resistance.

Fabien Bellanger performing Human Flag
The Human flag is one of my favorite movements, and I perform well at it, holding the position for well over 40 seconds

My involvement in this sport extended to the point that I co-founded TRIBARTA (one of the first group of Calisthenics in Canada), where I found that Calisthenics is more than a sport, it creates a family-bounded community uniting many talented and very strong people!

I trained for 6 years at Fit For Life and I continue to go there from time to time, more to see my friends! For many years, this gym was the place where I was going to meditate and take refuge from the problems of everyday life – it was the place where I could get out the bad blood. A place where I met a lots of amazing people, many of which are now close friends. So thanks to Fit For Life! Thanks to WARMEDS Supplements, and don’t forget…

It’s never too late to start anything!


  • Strongman: IFBB Toronto Pro Show Strongman Champion
  • Powerlifting: Deadlift Champion (700 lbs x 1 rep, 585 lbs x 3 reps, 315 lbs x 53 reps, 3.43x body weight)
  • Mens’ Physique State Competitor
  • Calisthenics Athlete, and Co-Founder of TRIBARTA
  • WARMEDS Warrior Athlete

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