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Marco Viviani, and the late Mike Matarazzo, two bodybuilding Legends

I have personally been training as well as dieting since the 8 and have been following the bodybuilding industry since then.

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of training with several professional bodybuilding, and even meeting icons of the industry such as Gaspari, Labrada, Cutler, Coleman and even Jimmy Caruso, one of the early mentors of the late Weider brothers (Ben and Joe) and who later immortalized Arnold Schwarzenegger by creating several of his epic black and white photographs.

Throughout those years, I also had the opportunity to meet several individuals who have demonstrated a great deal of discipline, and others who have proven to be extremely gifted such as the incredible currently 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil Heat.

Among all of them, one man stood tall by demonstrating all the quality a man could wish for – will, discipline, integrity and a great heart, along with probably the best genetic of all. His name is Marco Viviani.

aised in Montreal, Marco stood out from the crowd very early. At 16 years of age, he already had 19 inches of arms, after only training a couple of months. After only 6 months of serious training, he entered – and easily won – the regional bodybuilding championship, displaying an impressive physique who reminded several the physique of the Austrian Oak, Arnold.

With his tall stature, small waist, broad shoulders, extremely developed chest and his 22-inch arms, Marco could have easily played the stunt double of Arnold in one of his action movies, if only he didn’t look twin to Sylvester Stallone …That’s right… he had the body of Arnold, and the face of Stallone!

Like Sylvester Stallone, Marco has an Italian background and, like several of his generation, he chose to carry the family business instead of capitalizing on a promising bodybuilding or movie career.

Several years later, Marco was the owner of a large construction company, as well as a great husband and proud father of several child. While he was extremely successful in business, staying out of the gym left Marco the feeling of missing out on something important to him.

Therefore, after 17 years without training, the beast returned with a vengeance. At 44 years of age and entered in a natural bodybuilding contest – at 240 lbs of lean body mass – after only 6 months of training.

Today, Marco is 50, and he still train and eats 6-8 quality meals everyday, despite working 6 days a week for twelve hours each day. The result is simply jaw dropping… not only the man has been able to maintain his muscle mass past forty, but he’s been able to continue lifting heavy (I mean REALLY heavy – like 800 lbs squats, 500 lbs bent over rows for reps, 500 lbs bench press, and 160 lbs EACH ARM dumbbells curls!), and continuously increase his muscle mass.

His weight can reach 325 lbs off season, and is about 270 lbs at 5% bodyfat when he peaks for competition.

I invite you to view this short video and follow him to get some real inspiration and motivation!

About the Author

Pierre Vinet is a Master Trainer who graduated in Biochemistry at Quebec University, and continued post graduate studies in Biomechanics. His fields of expertise include biomechanics, nutrition, exercise physiology, strength training, muscular hypertrophy, fat loss and longevity. to Over the last 40 years, he has trained thousands of individuals, including Professional athletes, as well as personally won the State Championships and was finalist at the National Championships at several occasions in both Bodybuilding and Olympic Taekwondo. For more information, you may visit, or reach him at


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