“Be a Swan” – By the World’s Tallest Female Model


“Regardless where you start from, ALWAYS aim for the top!”

Hi, I’m Ekaterina, and I am the owner of two Guinness World Records, and have won a Bronze Medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Basketball. One of these Guinness Records is for being the World’s Tallest Model, and the other for having the longest legs.

Let me tell you my story, and how you can follow my advices to attain your wildest dreams and be happier.

I was born 29 years ago in Penza, Russia. From a very young age, I was tall, but that didn’t make me popular at school. We all know that kids can be mean to anyone different from them, whether it be the color of skin, religion, or even something that may appear to many like a quality – such as being tall. In other words, standing out didn’t bring me praises, but rather some hate, so I remained reserved to, unsuccessfully, blend in.

Considering my height, everyone surrounding me, including my father, encouraged me to play basketball – and I quickly became very good at it. In fact, not only I had the height, but I also had the athletic skills and specific talent to succeed in the sport. I quickly became a professional basketball player and was offered a position in an Hungarian team. After this, I was offered another contract, and then another again …it seems like nothing could stop me.

Despite my success, I felt that I wasn’t entirely fulfilled. Something was missing, but what was it? When traveling to competitive events, people I came across asked me more often if I was a model than if I was a basketball player. At first, I found this odd, not only because I was most often dressed up in sporty clothes, but also because I was used to be bullied for my height, not complimented on my physical appearance.

Eventually, I came to gain confidence in myself, realizing that I was, at least to many, a very beautiful woman, and that my difference was considered a rare quality by numerous people. As time passed by, my curiosity and interest for fashion grew, and my increasing attention to my eating habits gave me a healthy skin and feminine look. I now felt that I had the body to really be a model, and I wanted to become one.

One could think that being tall, slim and even pretty is a ticket to become a famous model – but nothing could be further from the truth. Even in this industry well known for featuring tall models, I was too tall for their standard. Tyra Banks who was considered as a tall model, was only 5f10, and Kate Moss measures 5f7 (not to mention several other top models such as Lily-Rose Depp who can measure as little as 5f3).

However, like for everything else, where there is a will, there is a way. So, after much effort, I was able to push my way in the elite model realm and even obtain the Guinness title of the World’s Tallest Female Model.

I am now proud to have been featured in several magazines, and to open the trail to other tall models wanting to make a career despite their extremely great height.

One thing that puzzled my mind for a long time, is why some industry, like fashion, resist to anything outside the standards that they have set forth. This is even stranger when knowing that those standards have several times changed over the last century. It does not require a PhD to find out that there is a great interest for extremely tall people – in other words, there is a market for such models, and frankly, some individuals prefer just that.

The take home message is that, however different you are, there are surely people interested in your features and skills. In other words, as the Ugly Duckling tale tells, you are not an ugly duck, you are a beautiful swan. A second take home message, if I may, is that when you have a dream, you must act upon it. In my case, there were two actions I needed to take to achieve my dream – The first is to start eating healthy and properly (thus the relevance of this article to the theme of this magazine), and the second is to apply as a model, and never accept no as an answer!

For the ones who wonder what I ate to improve my health, I can answer that I simply stopped eating fast food, and reached out for higher quality food, such as vegetables (I am now fully vegan, for health, fitness and ethic reasons – I personally don’t believe we should promote animal suffering and slaughtering only to satisfy our taste buds, and no, you don’t need to eat meat to be healthy and perform in sports).

In closing, if you are interested to attend to one of the World’s Tallest Models fashion show listed below, please click on this link.

New York, New York June 30, 2018
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Chicago, Illinois July 13, 2018

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If you instead happen to be a very tall woman, you can reach out to me, there is always room for a beautiful swan in my modeling agency (yes, I now own my own modeling agency, featuring beautiful tall models.

About the Author

Ekaterina Lisina is the World’s Tallest Model, Organizer of World’s Tallest Models Fashion Shows, and a Former Professional Basketball Olympian.


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