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Nowadays it seems like we are all looking for THE best training or the best diet.
If the current methods really worked for everyone, everyone would be slim, strong and healthy right?

That’s why today, I’m talking about a whole new approach that should, in my opinion, always be considered and even prioritized in the achievement of any objective.

As a Life and Nutrition Coach, I see a lot of people starting a new food plan or workout program and stop before even reaching their goals.

I even see it in clients who have health problems! Once their condition has been adjusted or at least improved as a result of changes in their diet, they return to their old habits and, as a result, see their symptoms return …

It’s as if people want to know what to do, have their ” Game Plan ” but many of them stubbornly do not apply it. In the past, I lived the same with my Entrepreneur clients, they paid me astronomical rates to benefit from my advice but rarely did what I suggested to them to achieve their goals.

It’s something that has always intrigued me! I’ve been trying to understand for a number of years why some people manage to stay focused and change their lives in the long run, and others just can not?

I always have these questions that come to mind:

  • Why, even if we know what to do often we do not do it?
  • Is it just a matter of motivation and willpower?
  • From a biological point of view, are we all at the same level?
  • What can we do to change the way we operate and react?
  • Why, even when we start having results often, we give up?

I share a portion of what I discovered in my research and training on the subject.

First, it’s not just a question of will. You must also consider the structure of your brain and the trend of your thoughts because these 2 factors will ensure that you will be among those who change their diet, start training and change their lifestyle … or not!

Tell me, do you think you have the right way to make the necessary changes in your life?

Neuroplasticity and your thoughts!

Did you know that the brain is different from one person to another? It has a unique structure and its different parts, including those that allow it to make decisions can be more or less developed. It is structured in a way that naturally gives you a tendency to have a healthy lifestyle and a high level of discipline or, on the contrary, a lesser tendency to effort and discipline. This makes some people always feel that it is difficult to make the right decisions.

What’s good is that over time, it’s possible to strengthen the parts of your brain that allow you to be the type of person who will really join a fitness program and be focused about its long-term goals.

I am speaking here of Neuroplasticity whose Wikipedia definition is: Neuronal plasticity, neuroplasticity or brain plasticity are generic terms that describe the mechanisms by which the brain is able to modify itself during neurogenesis processes from the embryonic phase or during ‘learning. It is expressed by the ability of the brain to create, undo or rearrange the neural networks and connections of these neurons. In my opinion, the word to remember here is when LEARNING !!!

Thoughts are structured to develop a natural tendency.

For example, if you grew up in an environment where you learned and were encouraged to cook, eat healthy, and move, your thoughts will move without too much effort. As this has been reinforced since your youth, you will, without even realizing it, develop healthier lifestyles.But if you have not, basically been raised in this kind of environment and thoughts, you will have to learn to change them.

It’s possible for everyone, to become the kind of person who eats health, who can say no to a second portion or who prefers to go to the gym rather than having a beer on a terrace.That kind of person that probably currently, you find weird, judge or envy secretly!

It is possible to restructure your thoughts to build new habits. Yeeeee !!!

But for a moment it’s all very well and it may seem simple especially since it is often said that it takes 21 days to set up a new habit. In fact, studies have shown that this is indeed the case for small habits such as starting to sleep a little earlier.

On the other hand, when we talk about, for example, starting to train or change our eating habits, research shows that even after 2 years, people are still making a constant mental effort to get there. That’s what would explain to me, that for many people, skip a workout or eat a piece of degenerate cake in a total loss of control afterwards!

Both create new habits requires effort, as fall back into the old, which they are anchored in us for 20-30 or 40 years is easy! That’s why you have to give yourself some time and have a strategy to get there.

How it works?

One thing to understand is that every time you listen to something positive, read an article about health, nutrition or the benefits of training, you are slowly transforming the structure of your brain and by that very fact, the tendency of your thoughts in relation to a subject X. As you see, it does not need to be a big thing, you do not need to go to Motivational conferences every month to get results.

When you talk about neuroplasticity, basically it’s just about adding more and more positive things to your life.

I always tell my clients to put in place 1 change at a time and that every little step towards a healthier and more active life brings them closer to their goal.
A change can be as simple as starting to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, taking supplements or drinking more water!

The way the brain works makes every little positive change naturally push him to want more. These changes slowly transform the structure of your brain and gradually develop a natural tendency to eat well, move and see the positive side of things. It’s like drawing a new route that he wants to use more and more often.

My recommendations to start!

1. Put in writing what you want.

Why writing works better than just thinking about it? First, I have personally observed that putting our ideas on paper gives us a clearer vision and allows us to have an “outside” point of view and see if it makes sense or not. to change something that you are not aware of.

Also, studies show that when we read something many times a day, and day after day, these new thoughts will gradually replace the negative ones.

REPROGRAMMER, asks for time and repetition.

What you say or think influences the way you act and live. If for example, you repeat how much you hate doing cardio day after day, you will never go for cardio! Write down why you like going to the gym, doing cardio and moving, even if you do not believe it at first and read it every day.

Gradually these thoughts will replace the old ones and you will gradually have a new way of seeing your session. The brain does not differentiate between what it imagines and reality. So, let him think that it’s wonderful to move … because in fact, it is!

2- Find substitutes.

For most people, the most effective and easy way to change a habit is to replace it with a new one that will become as satisfying as the old one. For example, replace your Dominos pizza with a home-made pizza with a vegetable-based cooked crust, your Danone fruit yogurt with Greek yogurt with real fruit inside, etc.

A fight against oneself

What is important to understand is that in many cases, whether or not you follow your food plan or training plan is like a mental battle with yourself. The human being is built to survive, all his natural reflexes make sure to keep you alive and so at the base, he thinks of the worst or the potential dangers that could have happened. Your ability to reach your goals, therefore, depends largely on how your brain is built and what you feed it on … positive or negative.

When reading this article, you can already see if you have a natural tendency to think positively or negatively!

Some of you said: Wow! Super, it’s possible to change! While for others it is: Ouch! …it looks long and difficult, I do not think I can do it! Who do you think will succeed?

My personal experience

Personally, I tell you that the good news is that the way you act and think today, MAY be changed. I say it very sincerely because I was a totally different person before. I grew up in an environment where “positive thinking” simply did not exist, where my father made me repeat every year that we would surely run out of money for groceries during the summer. ‘winter. This negative thinking was later reinforced at home by repeated failures when trying to lose weight, constant school mockery of my appearance and health problems that reminded me of day after day how difficult and unjust life is.

The day I really decided that I was ” disgusted ” of this way of life and that I chose that from now on, I would take control of my life, things really started to change for me! It was when I started to tell myself that I could do it, that I deserved it and especially when I started to believe it, that’s where the changes came gradually.

Be careful, do not get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s POSSIBLE.

What’s really good about the process is that with time and practice it’s getting easier and even automatic for our brain to see the glass half full rather than half empty!

It’s possible to rebuild your brain to make sure you’re not the kind of person who’s eating a donut for lunch and binge on Netflix all night long.
Look at the habits you want to change in your life and choose where to start thinking and acting differently today.

About the Author

Amélie Lessard has been passionate about Nutrition, Health and Personal Development for many years. It was after her experiences as Business Coach, Manager and especially after having neglected her health at the expense of her work that she totally changed the direction of her career.

Amelie now has a more holistic approach with her clients, helping them achieve their goals as a Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach. She completed training in Mind, Body and Nutrition Coaching at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado. She also holds numerous certifications in Health, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, as well as a basic certification in NLP. All of his free time is dedicated to his constant learning. Her clients, men and women, all have different goals, but she knows that no matter what their goals are, it’s all about balance and building sustainable habits.
She inspires her clients to achieve their goals in a healthy, sustainable and effective way.

You can reach her by:

Instagram: amelielessardcoaching
Facebook: Amélie Lessard Coaching
Facebook Group: Mindsets, Habits & Life Transformations

She will be happy to answer your questions.


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